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Doc 082: V. Vale

V Vale_2022 San Francisco_Rebekah Weikel

The following recording includes excerpts from a phone call with RE/Search Publications publisher V. Vale, which took place in September 2022 with Rebekah Weikel.


0:00 On Kathy Acker and a first, lost edition of Great Expectations 10:00 On artist Mark Pauline, machine performance, SRL (Survival Research Laboratories), Mark McCloud and the Art of Acid 15:09 On guns, gun culture, economy, found furniture, William S Burroughs at the gun range, growing up in La Sierra in Riverside County, and Burroughs in Kansas 23:22 Researching the forbidden, Police Marksman’s News, the birth of the Industrial Culture Handbook (RE/Search), the AtomAge fetish magazine, Modern Primitives (RE/Search), and Fakir Musafar 28:00 On North Beach, San Francisco, techies, rising rents, unoccupied apartments, and the safety of rent control 32:22 On past Bay Area venues: MaGoo High Gardens, San Francisco Art Institute, Mills College, SRL (Survival Research Laboratories), American Can Company on Third Street, Club Foot (at 2520 Third Street), Paul Rat and 10th Street Hall, Western Front Festival, and the San Francisco-based bands The Nuns and Crime 36:54 On publishing and Vale’s beginnings (“first technology then culture”), generating content and documentation, Warhol’s influence and Interview Magazine, and staying in Hackney with Genesis P Orridge 45:03 The internet’s affect on publishing 47:12 On House of Nanking in San Francisco 49:50 1989-1990 50:07 RE/Search and San Francisco dining post-COVID

Photo: V. Vale outside his apartment by Rebekah Weikel. San Francisco, September 2022. 

V. Vale is an American editor, writer, interviewer, musician and, as Vale Hamanaka, was keyboardist for the initial configuration of Blue Cheer. He is the publisher and primary contributor to books and magazines published by his company, RE/Search Publications. He lives in San Francisco. 


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