Interlude Docs is a digital archive consisting of documents engaged with the theme of impermanence

Documents are contributed from those working broadly across the arts, academia, and their sidelines, and are presented in various forms and formats; ephemera, personal artifacts, media, essay, poetry, and other means are used to consider that which is gone or ephemeral. 

Interlude Docs is founded and edited by Rebekah Weikel and is unaffiliated with any larger institution or sponsor. Opinions of the authors are their own. Interlude Docs is a work-in-progress; the contents of the repository are shaped organically relying on current interests, relationships, and word of mouth. For a brief editorial note on the impetus for this project, please go here

A conversation around this project, between Rebekah Weikel and Beau Rice, can be found here (published by AQNB, July 2021).