Interlude Docs

Doc 000: Editorial Note

Interlude Docs was inspired by the passing of Matthew O’Shannessy (1979-2020).

The first four Documents are to do with him; Doc 001 features Out of this Life (2004)a video work Matthew created as a college assignment in his twenties, while Doc 002, Doc 003, and Doc 004 are contributed by authors who crossed paths with him at different times in his adult life. More traces of him can be found under his name in the Index

The majority of contributors to this project did not know him; therefore, he should have no reflection on their participation.

Contributors were/are asked to contribute documents that consider impermanence and its impact on their personal lives, creative practices, outside communities, landscapes, and beyond. The results exhibit both the lost, found, and ephemeral; and the Index—a fixed address for what is gone.


Recent Additions