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Doc 033: Warren Burt

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The following interview with composer Warren Burt took place on Burnett Street in St. Kilda (Melbourne) in 2014. Intended for a radio documentary about the city’s experimental music scene, the American-born expatriate was interviewed by Matthew O’Shannessy and Rebekah Weikel in their living room. The documentary was being co-produced by them both and several interviews were conducted with other composers and sound artists. This recording was found in 2021 in this form, cut and prepped for editing, and is included here with Warren Burt’s permission. 

Warren Burt is an Australia-based composer of American birth. He is known for composing in a wide variety of new music styles, ranging from acoustic music, electroacoustic music, sound art installations, and text-based music. He has taught and lectured internationally and been published across multiple journals.  


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